Rikk Teasly

a young historian and adventurer


First met at the Mossy Gobbler, a pub in Malagan Keep, where he discussed a desire to travel along the Avenwood Road as far as the town of Elgan’s Hill.

After discovering that his theories were correct (about the Veralim Citystate) and realizing that he’d never be allowed to publish his findings, Rikk goes through a bit of an existential crisis.

Out of his element, he patterns his behavior after Klovus and Grimm, the two strongest survivors he knows. This apparent change in temperament worries Locke, but Rikk seems to be able to manage himself.

Rikk is eager to learn new things, but his “gee golly” attitude has begun to darken a bit. He’s trained a little in sword-fighting with Syrus Coogan, who gave him a mortuary hilt heavy rapier as a gift.

Rikk traveled alone to Fivestones, hoping to make contact with the Seeker’s Society and uncover information about where to find the ancient barrows of the grim men.


Rikk Teasly

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