Legacy of the Barrowgrimm

Several months pass after Grimm and Locke return to Dragoneye City.

After setting his business in order, Locke makes plans to spend the next few months in Coogan’s Mill as the guest of Baron Coogan. Two months after returning to Malagan Keep, during which time he’d worked on purification and strengthening his mental defenses, he makes the short trip east. With the Baron and Syrus’s help, Locke pursues several studies. Additionally, he helps train and educate some of the locals. However, once the mark that so imperiled his life fades away, he considers a rendezvous with others in Fivestones.

Returning to the woods, he disappears for a month before re-emerging with a note from Blake that may benefit both he and Locke. After helping Layne lay low for a while, and making his usual rounds about the region, Grimm decides to try and find Rikk and perhaps make contact with Blake at a drop point in Fivestones. He leaves at the height of autumn, with Layne in tow, and books passage to Fivestones. Once there, he avails himself of some physical and combat training, as well as learning what he can about the city. Unfortunately, there is no immediate sign of Rikk or Blake in the second largest city in County Alamen.

When We Begin
It is early winter in the city of Fivestones.

Deciding to force a standoff against the remaining Watchers, Grimm, Rikk, and Locke head to Thornbarrow's mountain lab. They are victorious, despite Locke being nearly killed in an ambush.

Grimm befriends a mountain goat… “Heeeeeeyyyy”

Those Flowers Were To Die For!
Hastings stops a shipment of exotic plants that are the source of the drugs used by the Watchers, but is killed for interfering. Ikar Thornbarrow is captured by watcher assassins, rescued by the PCs, and interrogated about his involvement.
How Many Corpses Does It Take To Tell A Secret Society To Back Off?
As the body count in Coogan's Mill grows, the Baron conspires with Locke, Rikk, Grimm, and his advisers to put an end to the Watchers... Only to find they may be living in his home!
Hiding With The Whores Is Just What They Want You To Do!
Baron Coogan, Grimm, Locke, and Rikk enlist the aid of Sgt Abrams to find evidence of corruption in the Town Guard and find out things are worse than they'd appeared when they are attacked by assassins and guardsmen alike.
Looking For Something to Believe In... Or, "If it smells like Trout, spit it out"
Assassins attack and nearly kill Locke when he and Rikk are waiting for an audience with Baron Coogan; Rikk grows a sack, and Grimm tries to beat it off of him.
  • From Baron Coogan,they learn about the Watchers of Keystone (arguable Hearthstone), a fringe order within the Seekers Society.
Just Keep That "Gee-Golly" Attitude
Beneath the spider infested ruins Locke, Grim, and Rikk find the still operational Eastern Gate of Veral, known by its people as the Gate of Madness
Even Spiders Wanted To Steal The Dagger...
Ruins in the mountains north of Coppermine contain not only giant spiders, but a rune-locked passage to underground, and the corpse of a messenger Klovis may have been awaiting.
Never Turn Your Back on a Warden (or his Sketchy Associates)...
Grimm, Locke, and Rikk arrive at Coppermine, but not before fighting a handful of brigands waylaying travelers along the Avenwood Road and encouraging a pair of second-rate wardens to consider new careers.
Chain It Up & Watch It Die
Grimm, Locke, and a posse of elite Wardens travel to the troll's lair, only to find it dying, wasting away as its own metabolism destroys it internally.

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