Tag: City


  • Fivestones

    Alamen's second largest city, Fivestones is renown as a bastion of learning and education -- and a hotbed of dangerous mystics, magicians, and runic sorcerors. In the wake of events 25 years past, during which a conflict within the Seekers Society left a …

  • Elgan's Hill

    The second largest city in County Corbie, Elgan's Hill is a nestled in mountain foothils and spreads itself up along a shallow slope of one such hill. Its main avenue is a figure "8" crossing over itself in the middle with a great bridge that connects …

  • Coppermine

    A town comprised of two districts, one civilian and the other military. The military holds authority in town, overseeing the affairs of the copper mines from which the town is named.

  • Coogan's Mill

    A small city known for its trade in all sorts of liquor, it maintains close ties to the military in Coppermine. Recent corruption in the City Guard and infiltration by foreign agents has lead to increased military presence in the city and a re-building of …

  • Waverly

    A small fishing village along the [[South Coastal Highway]] about a day's trek east of Dragoneye City.

  • Bard's Rock

    * Located in County Rainsong, it is one of the key port cities of the Kingdom. * Home of Baron [[:vico-ticovari | Vico Ticovari]].

  • Malagan Keep

    The heart of Dragoneye City and the ancestral holdings of Count Malagan of Alamenia. The area is divided up into five wards surrounding the actual keep, itself — a massive, looming structure of dark stone that provides views of most of the region. The …

  • Dragoneye City

    The sprawling city and surrounding communities that form the county seat of County Corbie, the home of Shire Corbie, and the Command Center for the Armies of the South March. It is composed of several regions including: [[Malagan Keep]] [[ …

  • Axefallow

    Once a logging camp that secured lumber from the northern Avenwood, Axefallow has become a thriving community of farmworkers on the northern farmholds, herbalists, wood workers and other artisans, in addition to maintaining its forestry origins.