Tag: Fivestones


  • Five Stallion Inn

    A large inn, alehouse, and small brewery known for being owned and operated by the same family for over 120 years. It offers comfortable rooms, good food, and excellent drink in a secure environment in one of Fivestone's safer neighborhoods.

  • Black Crow Rest House

    A small tavern and traveler's hostel at the edge of the outer warrens. They offer cheap rooms for nightly, weekly, and monthly rates as well as stabling facilities for horses. It caters mostly to travelers just neding a quick nights rest or a cheap …

  • Lost Colony

    Attached to the [[Eigen Library]] (known for containing the Alamen Colonial Records in a secure collection), the Lost Colony is a social club of quirky eccentrics, academics, and dilettantes who get together to drink, network, and hold monthly events …

  • Eigen Library

    An historic library in Fivestones' Old Town, the Eigen Library is known for maintaining the Colonial Records of Alamen

  • City Guild

    Handymen, engineers, mechanics, and tinkers paid from the city coffers to maintain Fivestones' crumbling infrastructure. As "Public Workers", they are under the nominal control of the military, but enjoy some of the same rights as military men.

  • Begger's Society

    An organized gang (or Union, as they call it) of local beggers who've banded together to extort food, drink, and who knows what else from regional shop owners. Their trademark is to toss food and drink on the ground as a threat for further and more …

  • Drowning Dragon Alehouse

    A large Alehouse and brewery at the edge of the inner wards in [[Fivestones]]. It is known as a place for travelers to leave messages for one another via a system of registered lock boxes.

  • Rinney Park

    * A park in Fivestones' Inner Wards known for a massive, ornate fountain (when it works) and the Rinney Library. * Home to several wealthy people in the city.

  • Blackstreet Flophouse

    A travelers hostel and small bar, the Blackstreet Flophouse is a small, two story bulding in Old Town known for moderately affordable rates for the area. It offers minimalist accomodations, but is fairly secure and well maintained.