Tag: Organization


  • Lost Colony

    Attached to the [[Eigen Library]] (known for containing the Alamen Colonial Records in a secure collection), the Lost Colony is a social club of quirky eccentrics, academics, and dilettantes who get together to drink, network, and hold monthly events …

  • City Guild

    Handymen, engineers, mechanics, and tinkers paid from the city coffers to maintain Fivestones' crumbling infrastructure. As "Public Workers", they are under the nominal control of the military, but enjoy some of the same rights as military men.

  • Begger's Society

    An organized gang (or Union, as they call it) of local beggers who've banded together to extort food, drink, and who knows what else from regional shop owners. Their trademark is to toss food and drink on the ground as a threat for further and more …

  • Seekers Society

    Orginally formed as a society of historians, theorists, and archaeologiests, the Seekers Sociery evolved into an avenue for both mystical and political power. As more and more of the ancient knowledge of the [[Veralim]], as well as the Grim Men, came to …

  • Order of the Blue Glove

    A guild of specialist theives and assassins. They were employed by [[:blake | Blake ]] in the last days of the [[Seekers' War]] in [[Fivestones]].